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Why are there no prices on your site?

Our systems are customized to your needs so please contact us for a chat. Our system pricing is competitive to other suppliers and offers more value. If you are in the hospitality sector please visit our ROI calculator on the hospitality page.

Where do you have operations?

Currently we have service and installations across North America.

Hospitality faq

There seem to be many suppliers of systems to the hospitality industry, why tabl'eau?

Recirculating Chill Units
Unlike many of our competitors, all of tableau’s hospitality systems use recirculating chill units to dispense still or sparkling water at a consistent temperature. Some of our competitors use cold plate technology which relies on ice being present in the bartending well and constant flow of water from the taps, all of which are unreliable for delivery of a dependable, uniform quality product.

Adjustable Effervescence
tabl’eau’s bar taps also feature an adjustable carbonation regulator on the tower to allow you to customize your effervescence to the preference of your guests.

Latest Filtration Technology
Tableau uses stat-of-the art 3M IMPACT filtration, which filters using a four-stage process combined in one worry-free cartridge. For locations with non-potable water sources we can also add UV disinfection for absolute confidence.

Disitinct Glacier Blue Artisan Bottle
Our reusable handcrafted bottles are designed for use in a commercial setting and can be permanently etched with your logo.

How often do I have to change the filtration cartridge and what is the cost?

Typically most restaurants need to change their cartridges every 6 months but this may vary based on the quality of the local water supply. Excessive turbidity and particulate matter may necessitate more frequent changes. tabl’eau provides 2 cartridges per year as part of the lease. Additional filters may be obtained for an additional cost.

How do I tell if my cartridge needs changing?

Once you notice low flow of water from your taps it is time to change the cartridge.

We don’t have a lot of room in our bar, can you put the mechanical anywhere else?

Typically we install our small footprint equipment underneath the bar, below the taps, but we can also locate the mechanical in basements and other locations and even use existing conduit to run the water lines, such as your beer python.

Can I buy the equipment or lease to purchase?

tabl’eau leases all of its equipment, which provides you with 24 hour service, 2 bottles per table, 2 filters per year. All equipment remains the responsibility and property of tabl’eau.

Can we use our own bottles?

No. Our bottles are specifically designed for our premium water and are the symbol of consistent quality. We can etch our bottles with your logo for a nominal charge. Using other bottles will violate the terms of your lease.

Do you have different bottles for sparkling and still?

No, but on request we will etch ‘sparkling’ and ‘still’ on the neck of the bottle. Some restaurants etch a different visual on the side of the bottle to differentiate as well.

How many bottles do we get?

Each location receives 2 bottles per table as part of the lease. Additional bottles may be purchased for a nominal charge.

Can we use your bottles for other beverages?

tabl’eau’s artisan bottles are made to contain only filtered water and to be cleaned in commercial dishwashers under those conditions. Other liquids may leave deposits in the bottom of the carafe and impact future use for water. Others uses will violate your lease agreement.

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about tabl'eau

tabl’eau filtered water provides exceptional drinking water while advocating sustainability. tabl’eau enables the purification of source (tap) water using state-of-the-art filtration systems to produce premium quality ambient, chilled, still and sparkling water. The tabl’eau solution facilitates the elimination of bottled water, including the carbon footprint from packaging, transport and recycling of water bottles.

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