We work with you

Nobody knows your business better than you.

Before every installation we do a site visit, with you, to understand your establishment’s unique challenges, traffic patterns and service volume. Together we develop a customized solution that meets your specific needs regarding peak volume, optimized service, layout and location.

Your guest is our guest

We are your partner. Like you, we know that presentation is everything, which is why we have carefully designed a unique, functional carafe that complements any setting.

We provide 2 carafes per table (still and sparkling) as part of our installation. Our handmade reusable and refillable carafes feature:

  • distinct glacier blue artisan glass
  • individual uniqueness, no bottle is the same
  • a design for use in commercial dishwashers
  • a wide neck ensuring easy filling, pouring and thorough cleaning
  • two size options: 1.3L and 750mL
  • co-branding for a nominal cost by etching the glass, ensuring your logo integrity
  • use as a secondary profit centre as customers purchase the carafe for home

Tap into pure profit

Retain more profit when charging for premium waters with our flat rate monthly leasing structure, all while doing the right thing for the environment. Use the calculator on this page to estimate your new yearly profits from switching to tabl'eau.

Pricing Models

You know your guests best. Our customers use a variety of pricing models in their establishments. These examples give you an idea of the way you can price tabl’eau to maximize sales.

Premium water pricing
per typical charge
person $1-$4
table $4-$8+
bottle $3-$8+

We customize our equipment to your needs

Our installations include:

  • recirculating lines and self-contained chill units to ensure a consistent pour temperature
  • stainless steel taps dispensing chilled sparkling, still and ambient water
  • adjustable serving temperature based on your preference
  • adjustable effervescence based on your preference
  • internal or external carbonators based on your needs
  • optional filtration your coffee and ice machines to prolong their lifespan

Contact us for details or a quote.

about tabl'eau

tabl’eau filtered water provides exceptional drinking water while advocating sustainability. tabl’eau enables the purification of source (tap) water using state-of-the-art filtration systems to produce premium quality ambient, chilled, still and sparkling water. The tabl’eau solution facilitates the elimination of bottled water, including the carbon footprint from packaging, transport and recycling of water bottles.

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