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Sustainable Event Solutions
An alliance with C2 Montréal


Invent the Future of Business
The future of business takes place at the creative intersections of commerce, science, technology,
society and sustainability. Business success is allied with societal progress.


Be Inspired by The Worlds Top Thinkers
C2 speakers are an engaging mix of business innovators, social game-changers and world-class experts
— the latest and greatest in many diverse fields and the next generation of leading-edge entrepreneurs.
Over the course of three days, delegates connect, learn, collaborate, and build the new set of tools they
need to take on the challenges of our times, unlock new business opportunities and participate in shaping
the future.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Gender Equality Activist
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Gender Equality Activist
Learn. Connect. Experience.

Signature experiences encourage meaningful interactions, collaborations and foster shared
learning. With the guiding principle of coherent action, C2’s experiences are led by four priorities:
1. Foster and enhance the local economy
2. Encourage conservation and optimal use of resources
3. Reduce carbon footprint
4. Put the well-being of people at the heart of the C2 experience
Challenging times demand creative solutions. Serving tabl’eau Filtered Water directly on-site during
C2 results in a decrease in carbon emissions, increased water conservation and eliminates waste in
the environment. Additionally, unlimited premium hydration also enhances wellness, increases
energy, and adds a productivity boost that allows delegates and renowned speakers to immerse
themselves in the whole C2 experience.
“Sustainability is at the heart of how C2 Montréal operates as an organization. It’s
both a value and a significant concern of ours, as we believe that an event
welcoming north of 7,500 participants every year should lead by example and
strive to minimize its ecological footprint.”
Anick Beaulieu
Vice-President Growth & Partnerships, C2 Montréal

For more information on C2 Montréal, visit www.c2montreal.com


Spike Lee, Film Director, Producer, Actor and Author