tabl’eau Eco-forward Systems

tabl’eau systems feature advanced technology to deliver consistent quality, carbonation, and temperature. Designed for high output and offering peak-flow customization, our Italian-made Systems provide premium sparkling and still filtered water on site at restaurants, offices, hotel, resort and spas and large-scale events.


Eco-forward Technology

  • Energy-efficient cooling and carbonating technology
  • A consistent serving temperature
  • Systems suited to your peak volume needs

High Performance

Smart Filtration

  • Leader in filtration technology recognized for innovation, trust, and quality around the world
  • 75% less waste than alternatives
  • 54k gallon water flow
  • NSF Certified Technology and FDA approved


Premium Sparkling and Still Water

  • Consistent, high-quality filtered water
  • tabl’eau signature sparkling effervescence
  • Clean finish taste (no sodium, chlorine and preservatives)

tabl’eau Certified

Installation Requirements:

1 - A 3/8” water valve at the system installation location
2 - Cold tap water line (potable water source)
3 - Dedicated 15 AMP 110/120V circuit
4 - Dedicated drain
5 - tabl’eau Certified ventilation

tabl'eau Eco-forward Technology Collection

tabl'eau Spring 20L

• Delivers up to 20L/hr of premium chilled sparkling and still filtered water

•  2-in-one chilling and carbonating unit

•  Reduced installation footprint
29"H x 20"W x 22"D

•  Ideal for small offices, hotels (in-suite), spas, small cafes, residential, VIP events

tabl'eau Stream 50L

• 50L/hr of premium still filtered water ONLY

• standalone chilling unit

• Reduced installation footprint
30"H x 36"W x 24"D

• Ideal for hotel on-floor water bars, hotel lobby bar, large-scale events, offices

tabl'eau Spring 60L

• 60L/hr of premium chilled sparkling and still filtered water

• Coded carbonator and chiller duo 

• Robust installation footprint
30"H x 36"W x 24"D

• Ideal for restaurants, corporate offices, large-scale events, private clubs

tabl’eau *Connect

Subscription Services [Optional]

• Flow meter: Total volume of sparkling and still water dispensed
• CO2 meter: Total volume of gas for sparkling water

As part of our commitment to quality and service, each tabl’eau system is equipped to capture the total volume of water dispensed and allows for precise service and maintenance scheduling. The data may also be used (by our clients) to support communication programs related to usage and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting.