Invite every guest to share your eco-forward values by offering premium sparkling and still water from tabl’eau Filtered Water.

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Intentional Moments Define Our Industry

Beyond fulfilling a fundamental human need, the universal desire for water creates the opportunity to curate a memorable experience.

Own the Water Occasion

Seamlessly communicate your commitment to the environment and put your principles into action.

The Business of Leaving a Great Impression

Exceeding expectations makes great marketing sense. Cost efficiencies from the elimination of transport, storage and recycling of traditional bottled, packaged and delivered water makes great business and environmental sense. tabl’eau is designed to be part of your ESG reporting.

Together We Are

water. evolved.

Why tabl’eau

The Turnkey Approach to Premium Water

Elegant aesthetics, eco-forward functionality and superior taste position tabl’eau as the preferred premium filtered water solution for your property. tabl’eau accords an unparalleled service standard. All system maintenance is included in our fixed monthly lease pricing, supporting our promise to deliver best in quality and service to your customers and guests.

Eco-forward Hydration & Wellness:

•  Italian-made cooling and carbonating technology
•  Unlimited pre-chilled sparklingand still filtered water
•  Engage guests with a unique, signature wellness solution on-site
•  Become a leader in sustainability with eco-forwardand energy efficient restaurant solutions
•  With access to key metrics for water volume data,tabl’eau can be part of your ESG reporting

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tabl’eau Certified

Our Commitment

Premium quality, customer safety and environmental sustainabilityare guiding principles at tabl’eau. We are committed to providingeach customer with an unparalleled standard of service, quality andsatisfaction. Our eco-forward systems and complementary servingglassware have been intentionally designed for safety and easeof cleaning.


tabl'eau Restaurant Collateral

With a tabl’eau Filtered Water system installed on-site the added transport, storage, and recycling of traditional bottled, packaged and delivered waters is eliminated.

This sustainable message paired with the opportunity for additional revenue streams elevates your guest experience and eliminates single-use plastics.

The tabl'eau Carafe

functional design. artisan craftsmanship

•  Distinct, glacier-blue glass carafe
•  Handmade in Mexico of recycled glass | each uniquely ‘one-of-a-kind’
•  Available in 1.3L (44oz) and 750mL (25.4oz)
•  Refillable | recyclable
•  355ml (12oz) paired glassware available

Easily laser etched for custom co-branding for your table settings Custom laser etching:
           •  Restaurant logo for table settings
           •  Grand openings and special events
           •  Wedding personalization
           •  VIP guests

Custom etched carafes can be available for retail within your menu and added to existing wedding and catering package offerings as an added revenue stream.

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Restaurant Revenue Opportunity | Carafe Service:

•  Water service can be priced carafe/per guest, or flat-rate pricing for bottomless carafe/table
(sparkling and still)

Restaurant Collateral Options:

•  Menu Placement: Integrate graphics within your menu establishing availability of tabl’eau Carafe Service
•  Carafe Hang Tags: Showcase shared core values and tabl’eau sustainability partnership
•  tabl’eau Info Cards: Allow staff to effortlessly share information about the water service

Eco-forward Technology

tabl'eau Spring 45L

•  2-in-one chilling and carbonating unit

•  Reduced installation footprint

•  Delivers up to 45L/hr of premium chilled sparkling and still filtered water

tabl'eau Stream 50L

•  Chilling unit

•  Reduced installation footprint

•  Delivers up to 50L/hr of premium chilled still filtered water

tabl'eau Spring 50L

•  Cooled carbonator and chiller duo

•  Robust delivery

•  Delivers up to 60L/hr of premium chilled sparkling and still filtered water


Event Water Bar Service

Introducing tabl’eau Water Bar Service
Our Water Bars can provide tabl’eau premium sparkling and still filtered water service for your attendees, VIP Lounge, green rooms and guests. Approachable and easy-to-use, our Event Water Bars can be self-service or feature our Preferred Water Sommelier Service for an elevated experience.

Tower Style and *Finish Options:
tabl’eau Touch Free and tabl’eau Analog Towers are available for our Water Bars in the following finish options:
• Brass
• Chrome
• Matte white
• Matte black
*custom finishes are available

Water Drop Bar Vinyls:
Custom branded vinyl cladding can be branded with the Event or Partner logo.

Cruiser Table (Reservoir Cover):
 Allows for remote Water Bar placement (Where no direct water-line access is available to supply water to bar). The Cruiser Table is designed to cover the water reservoir and acts as additional table space for display or guest use. Vinyl cladding can be custom branded to pair with our Water Drop Bar aesthetic.

tabl’eau Analog

With a timeless design and elegant aesthetic our tabl’eau Analog Towers are built to perform.

•  Classic function
•  Manual operation
•  Classic dual pull-and-pour taps
•  Adjustable flow rate allows for fast fill (carafe) or slow pour (single serving)
•  Chilled tower body ensures consistent chilled pour
•  Made in Italy Finish