tabl’eau Touch Free

intuitive Touch Free. feel what you don’t touch.

•  Audible note and activation light indicate your pour has been initiated
•  Continuous or set-pour volume technology
•  tabl’eau
•  Connect included
•  Antibacterial spout
•  Made in Germany

tabl’eau Analog

classic function. manual operation.

•  Classic dual pull-and-pour taps
•  Adjustable flow rate allows for fast fill (carafes) or slow pour (single serving)
•  Chilled tower body ensures consistent chilled pour
•  Classic design
•  Made in Italy

"With a timeless design and elegant aesthetic our tabl’eau Towers are built to perform."

Standard *finish options are:
•  Brass
•  Chrome
•  Matte Black
•  Matte White
*Custom finishes are available allowing for seamless integration with your interior design plans.

tabl’eau *Connect

tabl’eau *Connect enables key data from your tabl’eau system to be viewed on digital devices. Whether you have a single system, or multiple systems installed, tabl’eau *Connect supports the narrative for your communication strategies and ESG reporting. Key metrics that support your alignment with shared core values and a global ESG community